Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 43

We had a great week! We found a lot of people to teach. This weekend is the baptism of Elizabeth and Robinson! I´m extremely excited about that. The growth I´ve seen in Elizabeth is amazing. She went from being furious with God for the disease that she has to not believing in him, to now making the decision to be baptized with her husband. The Atonement is incredible. It reminds me of all the changes I experienced when I started meeting with Elder Harrison and Elder Schott. I didn´t have many beliefs, but, as I applied what they taught me and read the Book of Mormon, I watched as my entire perspective and way of being radically changed. I know that this gospel is a gospel of change. I know that God is my Father, that Christ is my Savior, and that the Holy Ghost guides me daily. I know that it´s not easy leaving everyone I love at home for two years. However, I also know that leaving my family for two years so that other families can be together forever is the greatest blessing that I could ever receive. I know that service to God and to others brings us the greatest happiness in this life. I know that God always fulfills His promises. I will always rememer the promises that He made me through Bishop Stebbing and the Holy Ghost that day when I decided to serve a mission. I walked into that room not wanting to serve a mission and walked out with the conviction that serving a mission would be the greatest decision of my life. That man, Bishop Stebbing, changed my life that day because he spoke to me, directly to me, with love and through the Spirit. I know that I have to be that same man for others. I will be forever grateful for Bishop Stebbing and for what he did for me that day and during my first year in the church. I´m convinced that he was put in the ward especially for me. This work is incredible. I found an awesome proverb that gives me the motivation to act and work for the goals I set for myself and I want to share it with y´all. It´s Proverbs 13:4. If we do everything we can, it´s still not enough if we do it alone. But, if we do all that we can, and we do it with faith, we don´t do it alone. God will always provide the rest so that are goals are met. I invite everyone (including my brother, Blake) to read the entire Book of Mormon in 3 months with me. President Martinez invited us to do that and I´ll be starting tomorrow. That book changed my life and I know that it can and will do the same for everyone else. Have a great week! I love you, Micaela! 

Elder Reynolds

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