Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week 40

This was easily one of the best weeks of my mission. Elder Hansen and I had a great week. We found a ton of great families to teach, we worked a ton with the members, and we have two baptisms this coming Saturday! We have been teaching a young, married couple named Claudio and Liset since I arrived here and they have decided to be baptized this Saturday at 3pm(Chilean time)!!! They are so amazing! This will be the first complete family I´ve baptized. They have a daughter, too. She is 6 and her name is Alejandra. I will be posting pictures from the baptism this next week. Speaking of next week: Monday is St. Patrick´s Day, and it´s the two year anniversary of the greatest decision I´ve ever made. Two years ago, this Monday, my uncle, Jeff Shiver, baptized me. I will be forever grateful for his example and support. I will also always be grateful for Andrew Rios who, all through high school, was a great example of what it means to live the gospel in the face of temptation. We seemed to always be tempting him to make stupid decisions with us and he never did it. And, of course, I´ll always be grateful for the two missionaries (Nathaniel Schott and Jake Harrison) who taught me this amazing gospel; without them, I wouldn´t be here on my mission. I also am extremely grateful for Bishop Stebbing. When I was first baptized, I had no plans to serve a mission. But, one day, I met with Bishop Stebbing. I remember the promises that he made me that day and the testimony that he bore. Never in my life have a felt someone teach with such authority and power. I know that he is doing wonderful things in Utah. My parents are obviously a huge part of why I´m here, as well. I could not have asked for a better mom or dad. I thank God everyday for them, for they example they are, and for everything they have and continue to do for me. It´s amazing to think about all the little things that had to happen for me to be where I am right now. I have a testimony of the fact that God is involved in the details of our lives. He knows us perfectly. Even when things don´t go according to our plans, everything goes according to the perfect plan that God has for us. If we don´t doubt that and we trust in him, He will ALWAYS deliver us out of the trials and tribulations we experience. Happy 14-month anniversary to Micaela Morgan Wright, who is currently on a cruise without me. I love you with all my heart! Have a great week, everyone!

Elder Reynolds

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