Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 41

This week was incredible! First, on Saturday, Claudio and Lissette were baptized! That is the first full family I´ve taught that has been baptized! It was such an incredible experience. There is nothing that beats seeing the absolute joy on the face of someone who can finally leave everything that they´ve done in their past behind. There is no greater feeling than that. I had that exact same feeling two years ago today. It´s amazing how fast these two years have gone by. It seems like it wasn´t too long ago when I was being taught by the missionaries and now I´m the one sharing the gospel with people! Yesterday, I was working with another Elder, not my companion, when we saw a huge miracle and were completely humbled by the mercy and love that God has for us. We were having 0 success all day. We knocked a ton of doors, but no one received us. Finally, we stopped and decided to pray. We prayed for a family of 5, with two married parents, one son, and two daughters. After that, we looked at a road and decided to knock all the red housed to find the family. As we walked and got rejected at a few red housed, we walked by a blue house. As we walked past it, I received an impression that we should go back and knock the door. Obviously, that´s what we did. A 12-year-old kid answered. He said his parents weren´t home and that he was alone with his older sister. We asked how old she was and he said 16, then he told us that he was 12. He then mentioned that he had another sibling. Although we couldn´t teach them yesterday, that´s the family that God led us to. He saw what we were doing all day. He saw us get rejected. He saw us lose a little hope. Then, He saw three of his children humble themselves and pray for something specifically with faith. Finally, He took us by the hand and led us to 5 more of His children who need this gospel that we have. I cannot deny His existence. He is real. He does love us. He does hear us, and He will never, ever leave us. If we humble ourselves and we show Him our faith, He will always work miracles in our lives. I have no doubt. I have seen and felt too much to ever doubt that. This is true. Everything we teach and everything we live is true. No one will ever take that testimony away from me. Nothing compares to the worth of this gospel. When we pray specifically, God responds specifically. Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Elder Reynolds

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