Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 42

This week was a good one in our sector, but not a great one for the zone. In Labranza, Elder Hansen and I are teaching a married couple named Robinson and Elizabeth. They have had desires to get baptized, but were thinking that they´d do it next year. We met with them this week and talked to them about they goal they had. We talked about what they still needed to overcome to be baptized as a family. It was the most spiritual lesson I´ve had my entire mission. The Spirit was incredibly strong. Every single doubt they mentioned, the Spirit gave us the words to say. We testified to them of the effect that the decision to be baptized would have on their family and we testified to them the love we feel for them as a family. Elizabeth, after hearing all of that, shared her testimony of how much the gospel has blessed her family. She told us how, every time she has a doubt, we just so happen to come by with a plan to talk about it. She told us how no one has every been able to say the things that Elder Hansen and I have said to help her feel that God exists, that He loves her, and to help her fill the hole she has felt in her life. I know that when we love others, that the Spirit guides our words and our actions. I know that God uses us as tools in His hands to bless the lives of His children. I know that there is nothing that will ever stop this amazing work. God´s will will always be done and, as we develop a greater love for others, we will be able to play a greater role in His work and His glory. At the end of the night, they didn´t accept a baptismal date. However, yesterday, she leaned over to me in church and told me that, the following Sunday, they will be announcing the baptism of her and her husband, which will take place on the 5th of April. The Church is true.

Elder Reynolds

Ben's "son" at the baptism of one of the ladies he found and taught in Renaico.  
Claudio and Lissette's baptisms 

Apple tree in their back yard

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