Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 38

This week was great! Although not all of the members of the Ramos Family were able to be baptized, the kids (Katy, who is 21, and Heber, who is 13) were baptized on Wednesday and confirmed on Sunday! That was an amazing experience. That family is so amazing and they will be unbelievably blessed for their decision to be baptized. Olga and Pablo, the parents, are in the process of getting married. Once they are married, they have plans to be baptized! I found out today that my "son," Elder Hill, will be taking my place here in Renaico! That means that he will be here when the parents are baptized and we will both be instruments in the Lord´s hands to bless the Ramos Family. I was so excited when I heard about that. I will be going to La Branza, which is a sector in Temuco. I will be with Elder Hanson, who I met when I first got here to Chile. I will be a Zone Leader, along with Elder Hanson. I´ve heard really good things about the Temuco Cautín Zone and am really excited to be there. I know it will be an amazing opportunity to learn and to grow. Oh, I also found out that I´m getting a "brother"! Elder Smith, my trainer, will be training in Boca Sur, which is up by Concepción. I really enjoyed my time here in Renaico and for the people that I met here. I´ve seen the branch here continually improve and I know that it will continue to do so. I also want to take all the home teachers/visiting teachers that do their job. They have no idea how necessary and important that calling is. That was the difference here in Renaico. When people do their visits, people go to church. I´ve seen that bless the lives of the people here in Renaico, and my family members at home. The most important thing is that people feel the love of Christ. That alone can change everything. Sometimes we overthink things and we don´t realize that being an example and showing the love that we feel from Christ is the most effective solution. The gospel isn´t complicated until we make it that way. I´m so grateful for this church and for this gospel and for what it has done for me, for my family, and for everyone else that has had the opportunity to participate in it. We should never hesitate to share it with others. I love you, Micaela Morgan Wright! You´re the greatest example I could ask for and you´ll never know how much you motivate me to be better each day. Have a great week, everyone!

Elder Reynolds

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