Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 37

This week was full of miracles and extremely tiring. The first miracle didn´t happen here in Renaico. I went to Angol to work with some hermanas there who are teaching a man who can be baptized this Saturday. We taught him, answered some of his doubts, and shared our testimonies. Towards the end, I felt impressed to promise him something really specific. So, I promised him that, if he kept reading in praying, that the Lord would answer his prayers in less than two days. The very next day (yesterday), he walked up to the hermanas and told them that he needed to be baptized! I´ve learned that, when the Lord prompts us to do something, no matter how difficult or unlikely it seems, we should do it. The Lord always follows through. If we do our part, He does His. The Ramos Family wasn´t baptized this past week. But, we met with them yesterday. We talked about baptism the entire time. One by one, they named their doubts and problems and, one by one, we systematically answered their doubts with scriptures and testimonies. I have never been apart of a lesson like that one. I literally felt like I wasn´t the one talking. God was talking to this family through us. We didn´t do anything. At the end, we set a baptismal date for this Wednesday, because the dad leaves on Thursday to work out of town for 18 days. At the end, we found out that they actually aren´t married. We chose not to say anything about that in the lesson. We walked out and I felt terrible. They can´t get baptized if they aren´t married and are living together. We walked for a while and realized that Pablo was not going to be in the house for the next 18 days. That would give Olga enough time to get divorced from her first husband. Then, because they´ve been living together for over 10 years, under Chilean law, all they have to do is sign a paper and they´re married. I realized that God had planned all of this from the beginning. We promised them that they could get baptized on Wednesday and we felt no doubt when we promised them that. The Lord has already prepared the way for it to happen. They will be getting baptized this Wednesday. That night, Pablo will stay with his mom (who we coincedintely found while knocking doors a few days ago) that night. He will leave the following day. During those 18 days, Olga will get divorced. And, the day Pablo gets back, they will be married. God is a great planner. Miracles exist and they happen everyday. We just have to notice them. I love you, Micaela Morgan Wright! 

Elder Reynolds

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