Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 49

This week was a little frustrating. We did nearly everything possible to help two families get to church, including calling them the night before and the day of and passing by one of the families right before church, and they didn´t show up. During the sacrament, I was really sad about that. I prayed really hard and asked the Lord to forgive me for not doing everything in my power. Towards the end of my prayer, I felt something that I hadn´t felt in a while. The past few weeks I´ve been really worried about the zone because I feel like we aren´t meeting our potential. I have been trying to figure out what more we can do to help, but it´s been really difficult to answer that question. I feel like we are really working, but we aren´t seeing what we thought we would. But, in that moment during the sacrament, I felt peace that only comes from God. I felt His concern and His love for me. I knew and know that He sees what we are doing and feels what we are feeling. He does all possible to help all His children, and many don´t understand, and many reject Him. I know that He sends angels before us and behind us to help and support us. I know that He will never fail us and He will never leave us comfortless. I know that He loves me. I feel it everyday. I know that He is involved in my life and in this work. I know that, if I do what is required of me and do all that I can, that He will always do the rest. I can´t do any of this by myself, nor anything else. The only way is with God. He makes all possible. I know that if I put my trust in Him that He will always come through. I have seen that way too many times in my life to deny that. I know that this applies to everyone. I was extremely happy to be able to talk to my family yesterday. My mom, dad, brother, uncle Jeff, aunt Jeannice, and their three daughters, Gracie, Claire, and Ella were all at my house to see me. I am extremely grateful for my family, for the love and the support that they show me constantly. I feel their prayers everyday. I was also able to see the stunningly beautiful face of Micaela Morgan Wright! It´s incredible to think that this next year, she will literally be mine forever! God fulfills His promises, and He always will. If we put Him in first place, He will take care of everything else. I know that is true. We have a baptism next weekend. His name is Cristian, so please keep him and his family in your prayers! Have a great week, all!

Elder Reynolds
Fabiola's baptism

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