Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 9

This week was great. Elder Smith and I have been changing some things and we have seen the blessings from it. There are two groups of missionaries in Coronel. One companionship works with members and the other with investigators. We work with investigators and usually don´t have much time with members. But, this week we spent more time with less active members and it has really meant a lot to them. They see that we love them and they want to help us. It´s really not possible for us to do for the people here what they deserve without the help of the members. We won´t always be here, so it´s important that the members love and support each other. We have three people preparing to be baptized this month: Margery, Lientur, and Matías. Margery is in her 30´s. She is a nurse and a mother. She has two daughters, who we have been teaching as well, and one son (his name is Benjamin, too). She is on fire. She came to a family home evening in the chapel the other night and many of the members thought that she was already a member. She wants what is best for her family and has seen what the gospel has done for her other family members (she is related to Angela and Lientur). Lientur is 65 and is the father of Angela Torres. He has made a lot of mistakes in his life and is doing what he can to right those, but they still haunt him a lot. He comes to church when he can, as his health isn´t too great right now, and we have been visiting him frequently. He´s making a lot of progress and knows what he needs to do. It´s amazing to see a man who has been humbled by his past take the steps he needs, the sacrifices necessary, to right his wrongs and to fix his relationship with his family, those that mean the most to him. The family is central to God´s plan for us and I know The Lord is proud of Lientur and the steps he is taking. Matías is an 18 year old. He is doing well. He came to church for the first time in a long time yesterday. He has a strong desire to know what God wants for him at this time in his life and is experimenting with the ¨homework¨ we are leaving with him. As he does so, his faith in God grows and he comes to a greater realization of his potential as a son of God. We are focusing on these people in the moment, doing all that we can to serve them and help them strengthen their relationship with their Heavenly Father and we hope to help them participate in the blessings of baptism this month. There is no greater happiness than serving others. I sent this in an email to Micaela, but I want to share it with everyone: ¨One part in the Savior´s life that I love is, after He bled from every pore for all the afflictions and sins we would ever experience and commit, rather than seeking comfort for himself, angles went and comforted His apostles. In the hour of the most pain he would ever experience, he denied help and instead was more concerned about His disciples. He turned outward when we would have turned inward. We are so unworthy of His love and His sacrifice for us, yet He is always there for us, his arm extended toward us to pick us up.¨ I hope everyone thinks about this. I know that it has been a humbling experience for me. Congratulations to Caitlin. Micaela told me that she was recently baptized. I can tell you that you have made the greatest decision of you life and I´m glad that the love of my life was able to play a part in it. I know she will be a huge blessing in your life. She has brought me so much happiness and is such an amazing person. I love you, Micaela Morgan Wright!

Elder Reynolds

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