Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 11!

This week I realized something really important. It doesn´t matter how hard you are working, if you aren´t teaching things simply and if you aren´t teaching what is most important, you´re not going to see people progress. Two things that we haven´t been stressing enough that we should have always been stressing are reading the Book of Mormon and going to church. If people aren´t doing those two things, they aren´t going to gain a testimony of the veracity of the things we are teaching them. I don´t doubt that if people do that with an open heart and true intention, they will realize that what we are teaching them is true. I know that because I know these things are true because I´ve done those things and have received my answer and I´ve seen what it has done for me and my dad and, as a result, my family. I tried to explain that to my companion on Saturday. He was having a rough time, really worrying that he doesn´t have a strong testimony and with some other things. I told him to think about what the message he is carrying does for other people. He doesn´t understand fully. He´s been a member his whole life, so he doesn´t truly understand what this gospel does for people. I can´t begin to explain for myself what it does, but I do know that is saves lives, it gives purpose, it brings hope, it carries peace, it changes futures for the better, it brings families closer together, and it brings the love of God and His son Jesus Christ into the lives of all those who simply try and find out for themselves if these things are true. I see so many people who reject the church and what we teach without even picking up a Book of Mormon. Just pick it up and read and and pray and you´ll see for yourself why we have left everything we love behind to be here so far away from home. It´s real. We had a musical presentation this week about the life of Joseph Smith in Lota, which is just north of Coronel. There were a ton of poeple there, but unfortunately I think only 2 of our investigators showed up. But, those two have made so much progress and I have grown to love them like my own family. It´s truly amazing how much music brings the Spirit. It was so powerful. The choir (me and a bunch of other missionaries and a few members from San Pedro) were singing El Espíritu de Dios and on the last verse, the entire congregation joined in. It really was beautiful to see so many people gathered to honor the importance of what Joseph Smith did for us. If he hadn´t suffered all the tribulations and trials he faced, if he lost himself in this great work of our God and sacrificed everthing, including his own life, I wouldn´t be where I am right now. Many of you wouldn´t be where you are right now. We wouldn´t have the church of Jesus Christ restored on the Earth today and we wouldn´t have the priesthood in our lives. Joseph Smith was a great man and is a great example to me. His love for God and his understanding of what it means to sacrifice yourself for the very Being that gave you life is incredible. I´m grateful for the life he lived. I´m also grateful for my wonderful, gorgeous, spiritual giant of a girlfriend, Micaela Morgan Wright. I love you, Micaela! No matter how difficult life may be for you at any given time, you can always know that your Heavenly Father loves you, that Christ has suffered those very pains, and that you have a boyfriend that will never leave your side.

Elder Reynolds

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