Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week 68

My companions and I have been teaching a woman named Vanessa for 3 months now. She has been to church 4 times and has a testimony of the gospel, but fears the reaction of her family if she is baptized. She has also said that she wants to be absolutely sure before being baptized. Well, this week, on Wednesday, we visited her. We decided to teach her about revelation. Halfway through the lesson, we started talking about what faith is. We shared the scripture from Ether that says that faith isn´t a perfect knowledge. By the time we finished, the Spirit was really strong and the thought came into my mind to invite her to be baptized on Friday of this week. She left for Puerto Montt yesterday (Friday). So, I invited her to be baptized on Friday. She looked at me and said "in two days?" I said "yes." Immediately, she began to cry and said "yes." Yesterday, she was baptized and received a remission of her sins. She is now a member of the church. We later found out that her parents, when they found out, threatened to disown her. She still chose to be baptized. That was one of the greatest experiences of my mission. She went into that lesson not understand what faith was and went home last night having put what she learned about faith in practice. She is a great example for me and I am so grateful for what she has taught me.

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