Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week 67

This was a great week! We did a lot of traveling, again. We went to the south. We went to Victoria, my old sector, and I did the interview for a woman I was teaching. Her name is Rosemary and she will be getting baptized this Saturday! I also visited another family I was teaching and Joaquin, the oldest son, will be getting baptized in two weeks! I´m so grateful that they´ve been able to progress! Also, an investigator of mine from Labranza is getting baptized today! After Victoria, we went to Loncoche, which is the sector furthest to the south. There isn´t much there. It´s super pretty and really green, but there isn´t much more than houses and a milk farm haha. I enjoyed it, though. We finished off in Temuco. Yesterday morning, we headed back and at 7pm, Vanessa Alejandra Silva Degen was baptized! It was the most well-supported and well put together baptismal service that I´ve been to on my mission. The ward mission leader did everything! We are so happy to have had a baptism. The assistants haven´t baptized in years and it´s so great to play a role in that. It looks like we will be bring in at least one more assistant this coming week, but all the details aren´t set. Happy birthday to my dad! He has always been an amazing example for me and continues to be everyday. I am forever grateful for everything that he has done for me and eternally grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with such a great dad. I love you, Dad! I know I´m a day late, but I hope that you had a wonderful birthday. I won´t miss the next one! We went to Lota today and went to a national park there. It was beautiful! Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Elder Reynolds

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