Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 4

This week has been a week of learning for me. We faced a lot of rejection and all the plans that we had fell through. In addition, it has been very cold and rainy. We did meet some new people, though. We met a man named Victor, who has been through a rough life. We have only met with him once so far, but I know that the gospel can really help him. That´s something I´ve experienced personally. No matter what you´ve been through and the struggles and disappointments you´ve had in your life, the atonement can lift you back up on your feet. We are still working with one lady, Patricia, who is trying to quit smoking. I´ve tried to help her with telling her about my experience of giving up things that I was addicted to and how the gospel helped me, but the experience is different for everyone. She is making progress though, which is great. There is a lot of poverty here, like I said last week, and where there is poverty, men, and alcohol, there are a lot of alcoholics. We talked to a lot of them this week. It´s really sad to see. You see these people who have experienced so much disappointment in their life and who have turned to alcohol. It has done some much damage to so many of their lives. It has caused some to lose their jobs and many to lose their families. Many times, they don´t want to listen to us, or, if they do, they don´t remember it the next day. It´s difficult to see people like that and knowing that, many times, you can´t do anything to help. If there is one theme of this week, it´s that you can´t ever give up. Christ didn´t give up. Joseph Smith didn´t give up. So many missionaries before haven´t given up and have changed so many lives for the better. When the work is hard, you have to turn to humble yourself and turn to The Lord. He will give you strength as He has given me strength. He never gives up on us. He is patient and loving. We should be the same. I experience my first temblor this week, or mini earthquake. My companion and I were studying when the ground just began to shake for about 5 seconds. It was a weird feeling. I´ve been thinking about you all this week. I miss you all. So many of you have had such a major impact on my life and have done so much for me. I´m grateful for everything you all have done for me. I look forward to seeing you all again after this adventure. I´ll be twice the man I was before and I know you all will continue to do great things wherever you are. So, the mission president was having all the zone leaders go to San Pedro today for a conference. I´m not a zone leader, but they were going to grill. Apparently, because I´m from Texas, they thought of me and called me up and had me come grill for about 30 missionaries. Obviously it was the best steak they´ve ever had. I think Micaela and my family can back me up on that. Speaking of Micaela, I love you. You mean so much to me. I know that our sacrifices will bless us and our families beyond what we had hoped. It has been great hearing from here and hearing how much she is growing. She truly is amazing and I couldn´t be more blessed to be a part of her life. I hope that everyone has a great week! Keep me in your prayers, you´re in mine.

Elder Reynolds

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